What Does It Mean to Love One’s Neighbor?

The Cummins Institute is happy to forward a recent essay by Saint Mary’s College faculty colleague, Mary Volmer, MFA, written in light of our collective concern to address white culture supremacy. The essay, “The Gospel of Cantaloupe,” is published by the digital media consortium, Arc Digital.


The historical, environmental, climatic events surrounding the start of the academic semester have revealed the personal mettle of everyone and have called forth the riches we have stored in our spiritual reserves. Our students are counting on us to be who we say we are as Lasallian ministers, the face of God, or the face of Goodness, in their regard. Let us be that for each other and continue to build a community of love at Saint Mary’s. We may begin by thanking all of the front-line workers of our College community who work in concert these days to make the educational enterprise possible. We know from our students already that they are yearning to dive into their studies, as a way forward during these remarkable times.

Thank you, Mary Volmer, for drawing on your childhood memory to share with us your own spiritual recollecting.

Saint John Baptist De La Salle pray for us.

Live Jesus in our hearts forever.

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